Exploring the Metaverse Value Proposition crypto flossing July 28, 2022

Exploring the Metaverse Value Proposition

I am in total amazement. For the last 16 days, I have been in a 24/7 Twitter spaces titled, Totally Uninformed Opinions on NFTs, Web3, Gaming, Tech, Startups, & VCs (and yes it is still going).

I am so excited to have made new Web3 friends and they are all smart!

The topic last night was on the future of the #Metaverse. I was super excited to jumped into the conversation especially after reading Samuel Huber’s Forbes article on ‘Understanding the Value of Metaverse Land.’

His key points were there are 4 levers that determine the value of the Metaverse, which interestingly mirrors luxury goods:

1/ Scarcity – Limited parcel
2/ Liquidity – Ability to easily resell
3/ Utility – Use and purpose
4/ Reputation – People, brands and service.

It was a great read, here is the link: https://lnkd.in/eY9S6dpr

Interestingly, I got super excited when we started discussing the future use cases and implications of the Metaverse.

The sentiments were:
1/ Companies are focused on building for Gen Alpha and that gaming would be the portal to #web3 and the Metaverse.

2/ We all have to be cautious as we are seeing more studies on the lack of human interaction among Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

3/ Opportunities in the Metaverse go beyond current uses which are gaming, concerts, fashion wearables and virtual parties.

3/ Some of the future exploratory areas included: selling real estate, sampling makeup and wigs, meetings and training in the workplaces, and training doctors, police officers and so many more.

I have a vision, where job candidates will visit your office in the Metaverse to meet employees and checkout the vibe to decide if they are even interested in applying.

The talent journey would continue with interviewing in the Metaverse, playing games for behavioral test, testing software engineers competency with simulators, onboarding talent once they are hired, training, meetings and office space.

I believe the Metaverse will be limitless with its own set of social norms and expectations. My last belief is that the majority of companies will have a Metaverse and Web 3 strategy over the next 3-5 years to attract, engage and retain top talent and loyal customers.

What are your thoughts?!