Who is Vitalik Buterin? Prodigy, visionary or revolutionist?! crypto flossing August 9, 2022

Who is Vitalik Buterin? Prodigy, visionary or revolutionist?!

1/ Vitalik is the co-founder of Ethereum (2nd largest blockchain) and became head writer and cofounder of Bitcoin magazine at the age of 18.

2/ Vitalik is a 28 years old Russian-Canadian programmer. Son of 2-computer scientists; a prodigy at the age of 7, who could recite 100+ digits of pi.

3/ Vitalik is a Peter Thiel fellow (cofounder of PayPal and Palantir Technologies) and was awarded $100K to build out Ethereum in 2014. He was named Fortune 40 under 40 & Fortune 30 under 30.

4/ Vitalik envisioned Ethereum as a digital currency but was able to create a decentralized file storage. The principles were simple: universality, modularity, agility, non-discrimination, non-censorship and simplicity.

5/ His latest upgrade to Ethereum better known as the Merge aka Ethereum 2.0 aka Serenity is the transition from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (PoS) – EIP-1559. Proof of stake will allow for Ethereum to be more efficient, faster, and scalable transaction while lowering gas fees and becoming more environmentally friendly.

6/ Vitalik is a do-gooder and philanthropist. He has acknowledge that Ethereum has taken longer than the estimated 1-year upgraded. He made the hard decision to forked Ethereum to salvage $150 million Eth stolen from its DAO, causing backlash and a spilt. Most importantly, he donated $1.2 B to India’s COVID relief fund.

7/ Vitalik has foster a strategic relationship with governments, such as China, where Ethereum has been adopted and integrated into their education and financial systems over Bitcoin. Ethereum is also being research and tested in Russia, England, Singapore and many more countries.

8/ Vitalik recently spoke at Ethereum Community Conference in Paris, where he outlined his focus areas for Ethereum: stability, decentralization and security. He noted that Ethereum was 55% complete while cautioning that Ethereum should not be overly complex for the average user, become reliant technologies such as zk-SNARK (zero knowledge – succinct non-interactive argument of knowledge) and beware of Quantum computing as it will require new cryptography for Ethereum. Watch the entire video, here: https://lnkd.in/gRSynV7s

9/ Vitalik envisions that Ethereum will power the metaverse, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) will redefine decentralized websites & crypto-based addresses, and will ultimately revolutionize/ decentralize finance in the future.

10/ Vitalik position on the metaverse is a paradox… while he believes the metaverse will revolutionize businesses, he is critical on how corporate giants such as Facebook are building their platforms due to the lack of definition and use case.

I believe Vitalik might be all three… child prodigy that has utilized his talent to envision and revolutionize better governments and financial systems. Time will only tell… what are your thoughts?

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