Breaking down the Metaverse Techstack Framework crypto flossing August 4, 2022

Breaking down the Metaverse Techstack Framework

Here is my stab at unpacking a few components within the technology stack.
Interestingly, I have seen so many stacks designs that go deep and broad as it is still being defined. But there is no true standard.
Here is my summarization of the top 5 layers.

1/ User Experience – This layer highlights the ways users can utilize the technology. Examples include gaming, in the workplace, theatre, esports, and events. The use case for the metaverse spans financial services, real estate, and marketplaces.

2/ Interface – This layer is the user entry/access point, which represents the hardware that connects the user to the technology: AR, VR, TV (displays), laptop, mobile devices, smart glasses, and wearables

3/ Artificial Intelligence – This layer is the engine that powers interactions between the interface and infrastructure layers: machine learning, deep learning, and neural network

4/ Cloud computing/Blockchain – Hosting and virtualization technologies that stores, documents and processes assets and transactions on the Blockchain (Cryptocurrencies, distributed ledgers, smart contracts, NFTs)

5/ Infrastructure – Hardware, software, and network that stores, links and moves data across devices from the edge to the core.

Below is a cool document on the metaverse technology stack.

Would love for some of my technology friends to tap and offer their perspective. Thanks in advance… let’s keep learning! Enjoy!